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SHARING great Bourbons

Bourbon is a uniquely American spirit with a rich history and distinct characteristics that set it apart from other whiskies. Its production must adhere to strict legal requirements, such as being made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn and aged in new charred oak barrels, which contribute to its signature flavor profile of vanilla, caramel, and oak. Additionally, the aging process is significantly influenced by the climate, with bourbon from different regions exhibiting varied nuances. The combination of these elements creates a bold, complex, and often sweet spirit that embodies the craftsmanship and tradition of American distilling.

Bourbon’s robust and varied flavor profile also makes it an exceptional complement to food, particularly chicken wings. The caramel and vanilla notes in bourbon can enhance the sweetness of barbecue or honey-glazed wings, while the oak and spice flavors can add a depth that complements spicy and savory wings. This harmonious pairing elevates the dining experience, making bourbon not just a drink, but a versatile companion to your favorite wing flavors.

Join our Bourbon Insider

The first Monday of each month, we’re rolling out a unique treat for our bourbon club members! We’ve been gathering an impressive collection of bottles for over a year, and now, it’s time to share the greatness. Each month, we’ll handpick a special bottle for you to explore at a great price.

Be the first to enjoy a these exclusive bourbon offerings. It’s all about celebrating the best of best. Picture this: a Monday night where Bourbon aficionados gather, savor wings, and relish in top-notch selections we’ve managed to get our hands on.

Let’s make first Monday the official night for Bourbon and friendship at the Dew Drop Inn.